Jet Lag Cures from a Flight Attendant

How to avoid jet lag

Frequent fliers hold the key to jet lag

If you have ever wondered how some people can fly hundreds of thousands of miles week in week out I am about to let you into a secret. Most frequent fliers are lousy at beating jet lag, a small few beat it by design. How would you like to beat it by design every flight you take? I am going to share their secrets with you. I will be as brief as possible as I am sure you just really want the short version.

The obtainable versus the sustainable solution.

Frequent fliers know they can't get away with using alcohol, drugs, caffeine for any length of time and hope to stay productive, keep their health intact or turn up and perform well in business.

Rookies use alcohol, drugs and caffeine and end up dehydrated, high accompanied by the lows, awake in the day but unable to sleep at night, have energy peaks and troughs at the wrong time, lapse into acute and chronic fatigue and court all manner of health complications through sustained drug use and sometimes get addicted!

Frequent fliers understand that flying as much as they do is a lifestyle and tailor the way they live their lives to accommodate it, and live as balanced as they can.

Rookies see frequent flying as an interruption of their life and try and bend flying to their lifestyles, with disastrous health results.

Frequent fliers know how to prepare for the journey and any eventualities saving themselves tons of stress.

Rookies fly by the seat of their pants, and are caught unaware when situations change leading to a lot of stress.

Frequent fliers know how to handle the before and after the flight parts of their journey.

Rookies just carry on as normal and suffer the consequences mostly unaware they don't have to suffer the dead zone when you feel like doing nothing and have the will to do even less!

Frequent fliers know staying healthy as a lifestyle choice is not optional.

Rookies think a healthy lifestyle is optional and has no bearing on how the feel and cope with jet lag no matter how much they travel.

Frequent fliers know how to fly well because they have had enough practice, trial and error and know that beating jet lag requires a long term solution. They know that solution only comes from the idea of ...

Building vitality as you travel

The journey is always unpredictable, you need many options to help you beat jet lag along the way. But do you have the time to learn and research all of them yourself? I didn't think so, you are too busy doing what you do best.

  • Let me teach you how to build vitality to beat jet lag in easy steps that fit your lifestyle.
  • Make use of the many tools available right before your eyes that no one is using.
  • Learn the principles once and fashion your own cure forever.
  • Take your cure with you and never be at the mercy of any therapist for your cure.
  • Get educated about the truth of jet lag and don't let the "experts" pull the wool over your eyes ever.
  • Cut through the well intentioned misleading messaging airlines, and other authorities peddle.
  • Unleash a new lease of energy every time you travel and watch as you begin to enjoy your travels even more than before.
  • Have more time to do more of what you want, when you want without jet lag dictating to you.