Jet Lag Cures from a Flight Attendant


As a multi-national corporation operating across continents and time zones, you know how important it is that your frequent fliers arrive ready to perform straight out the gate.

Business travel is fraught with the unexpected – crowded and chaotic airports, lounges and hotels packed with unhealthy food and drink, delays, mishaps, awful airline food and poor service. All of this adds to the stress of travel.

Once off the aircraft, the time you need to invest in building client relationships is affected by creeping fatigue, jet lag and stresses of the journey. Worse for wear, your people trundle off to do your business with a foggy mind and a dulled sense of purpose.

The result – less than stellar performance and a poor representation of what your business stands for. You lose when your people lose sharpness, productivity, and well being.

Jet lag is one variable you can take out of that equation. Your people can arrive at their best and seal the deal without the pain, fatigue and disruption jet lag causes.

American Express business travellers survey - 45% of travellers are stressed out before they get to the airport.

Business Travel NYT November 2003 - Peak Performance & Heavy Duty Travelling – US Study indicates that a business traveller's performance can be lowered by as much as 20% when travelling across time zones.

Priority Pass survey July 2009 - Members surveyed named jet lag as one of the most negative aspects of long haul travel and one of the most difficult to overcome.

The program for corporations

The P.H.A.R.E Well® system of jet lag elimination teaches any long-haul traveller a system they can self administer and adapt to their busy lifestyle.

This system puts the core principles of how to avoid jet lag in the hands of your workforce. It is the only total health solution available covering all aspects that contribute to jet lag. This 6-step program is flexible, healthy and easy to implement.

It involves no drugs or stimulants and allows your people to arrive ready for business wherever they travel to, however often they travel.

The course is delivered in two parts via tele-seminars and at venues close to Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

Give your people an unfair advantage and get excellent results in return:

  • Boost profits and productivity
  • Reduce man hour losses due to sickness
  • Keep a healthy and highly motivated customer facing workforce