Jet Lag Cures from a Flight Attendant

Frequent fliers

Your health is the ultimate resource for your empowerment, and a tool worthy of investment.

Introducing the P.H.A.R.E Well® jet lag health system – a complete, holistic program in tune with your body and adaptable to your lifestyle.

This program is for anyone who is health conscious, flies often and frequently, and can't afford to sacrifice time and performance in the dead zone getting over jet lag.

  • Frequent business fliers
  • Multinational corporate executives
  • Journalists travelling to live hot zones
  • Sportsmen and women arriving to compete
  • Airline cabin and flight crews who have short turnarounds

Short-term "cures" and artificial methods won't do. It doesn't matter what techniques you are using, if they aren't healthy, natural and health-supporting in the larger scheme of things they will fail you and negatively impact your health.

The program for frequent fliers

We deliver on our promise to arm you with the tools to eliminate and reduce jet lag through 9 consultations. Each consultation provides clients with an overview of the P.H.A.R.E Well® system, the philosophy behind our core principles, as well as lessons in how these principles can be applied to the client, creating a personal tool box to use when flying and testing the individual plan in the real world.

1st consultation - founding principles

2nd consultation - founding principles

3rd consultation - founding principles

4th consultation

  • Complete questionnaire queries
  • Jet lag needs a new conversation
  • Defining jet lag in solvable terms
  • 3 ruling principles
  • 6 areas of mastery

5th consultation

6th consultation

  • R.E.Well modules

7th consultation

  • Applying all this to You
  • Ref questionnaire data
  • Body & metabolic typing analysis
  • Water sums for the individual
  • Morning types from Evening types

8th consultation

  • Creating your personal tool kit for jet lag freedom
  • Short cuts and tips

9th consultation

  • Tweaks & challenges

Program benefits

At the end of the six consultations you come away with a new perspective on staying healthy while flying, and an understanding of the failings of the current jet lag cures available in today's market place. Benefits of my program include:

  • Massively reduced or eliminated jet lag
  • A flexible system you control
  • A personalized set of tools to take with you
  • Increased focus
  • Increased productivity
  • More energy
  • Accumulating health benefits

Where to break free with

Consultations can be held face to face, via Skype, on site or at the Light Centre Monument London.

Consultations are conducted in groups or individually by arrangement.

My expertise

Week after week, I step on an aircraft 2-3 times.

I've been an airline crew member for British Airways for the past 12 years, and I know what works in the real world and what doesn't. I'm healthier today than I've ever been, and jet lag-free.

It wasn't always this way. Earlier in my flying career I used to wake up in hotel room after hotel room not knowing where I was, dehydrated, with splitting headaches and lacking the energy or will to do anything. It wasn't until I began relying on my experience as a nutritional therapist that I discovered a new way of looking at the problem. Naturopathic nutritional therapy became the founding philosophy of my approach to jet lag. I developed the 6-step healthy solution that is the P.H.A.R.E Well® system, and everything changed for me. It can change for you too, when you realize that if you fly frequently only a long-term healthy solution will do.

I believe we all have something to offer the world and this is my offering, I've seen work colleagues die prematurely because they didn't have this kind of knowledge available to them, I believe jet lag is self-inflicted and only happens when we don't have the tools to keep it at bay.