Jet Lag Cures from a Flight Attendant

P.H.A.R.E. Well® system

The P.H.A.R.E Well® system of jet lag elimination and prevention is a hybrid nutrition and fitness program for frequent fliers. It is a six step self administered program which teaches you step by step how to control all the factors that cause jet lag.

The program combines principles of nutrition with fitness training to build vitality and mastery of terrain to overcome jet lag. The P.H.A.R.E Well® system is unique in its combination of nutrition and technology, both are used to deliver health and wellness benefits specific to the flying environment. The P.H.A.R.E Well® system is the only jet lag solution covering all the factors that cause jet lag comprehensively and in a healthy manner.

This program works because it has the widest perspective on jet lag and identifies the need to maintain health and vitality while flying. It is also the only approach which understands the environments and terrain when it comes to jet lag.

The P.H.A.R.E. Well® system is the only total solution available today that is 100% healthy and vitality inducing. It has been formulated from over a decade of frequent flying experience. It is drug free, portable and flexible enough for you to adapt it to you and your lifestyle.

The P.H.A.R.E. Well® system is made up of 6 steps:


Protection from ionizing radiation, flying increases your exposure to harmful radiation. Diet protocols emphasising high antioxidant content and radio-protective elements and co factors provide added protection. We give you diet programs and structures to use to nourish and protect you.


All water is not created equal. Structured water is a most valuable commodity for great health and even more so when flying. We show and advise you how to get as much structured water into your body as possible and guide you through the minefield of which and what kind of water is best.


Acclimatize to your destination. Get off a plane and be able to function as you wish regardless of what time of day or night it is. We teach simple tools you can use to get on local time easily and effortlessly so you can hit the ground running or just kick back and slide into the prevailing time zone. We also offer a selection of tools you can use to make this happen quickly and consistently every time.


Shorthand for your body clock. We show you how to elegantly influence your body clock, and more importantly how to do it without drugs and supplements used like drugs. This gives you the flexibility to adapt quickly while your away and when you get back home.


We teach you how to master the two environments that play major roles in jet lag. Through diet and preparation you take back control of the terrain. Understanding this one step will demystify flying forever.


In this step we teach you how to walk on the plane with an automatic advantage. We introduce you to tools that give you this advantage and put them in order for you to stack the benefits as you get healthier.