Jet Lag Cures from a Flight Attendant

At a time when globalisation and technology make the world smaller, when it really matters, nothing beats being there yourself. Jet lag is not about how you travel, it's about how you arrive.

Our P.H.A.R.E. Well® system includes

Guard against the 2 most important factors in the flying environment every time you fly.
Staying hydrated as a frequent flyer is not what you think, it is more than just H2O.
Become a local, get on local time the world over on demand.
Body clocks! Body clocks!! Run the rhythms that control circadian rhythms and master an important piece of the jet lag puzzle.
Environments the master key to resilience while on the road.
Use the best tools for your lifestyle that keep you fit and help you hit the ground running with vitality to spare.

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